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[[ ♡ katie :: クルテル?! ♡ ]]
07 January 2013 @ 02:04 pm
So, hi you guys. 8DD;;

I doubt anyone will read this, but yeah, I'm posting anyway, haha.

I don't remember the last time I posted, but I think it was last spring?...

Anyway, it's 2013 now, and...I'm living in Japan. *__*;;

I'm studying abroad at Hokkaido University in Sapporo for one year. I came in September and I'll be here until mid-August. It's...really cold, and there is a lot of snow. (LOL.) But it's also a really, really nice city, and the food is great (my favorite Hokkaido specialty is soup curry! It's soooooo good, salghsdlfghsdfgafghdlkfg), and since there are much fewer English-speakers up here compared to Tokyo or the like, it's really good for practicing my Japanese.

So far I've done a lot: visited a lot of beautiful places (like Otaru, Noboribetsu, Jozankei, Lake Toya...), studied (...sorta), ate lots of soup curry and ramen and katsukare, performed a few times around campus, gone to karaoke (so much I can't count), nomihoudai (lol), had a video appear on Nodojiman The! World (a Japanese TV show where foreigners compete singing Japanese music. Here's my clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LP2WXX7Y5I)...and also went to Arashi's Popcorn concert (twice) and Kouhaku (in Tokyo, live). Those last two things are pretty much the most significant things that have ever happened in my life (at least, that's how I feel at the moment, haha). OH AND ALSO I went to a Sexy Zone concert (OMG LOL♥).

Maybe I will go more into detail later on those important things...maybe not. I plan on vlogging about them soon enough, though, so if you're interested check out my vlogging YouTube account:
[[ ♡ katie :: クルテル?! ♡ ]]
23 April 2012 @ 12:07 pm
Yikes, haven't posted in forever. Not that I normally do, anyway, but yeah.

It's been one helluva hectic year, let me tell you. Gahdflkjhdlkjfg.

I'm finally getting over a cold I've had for 3 weeks, thank god. O: Now I can sing again, just in time for the Japanese Spring Festival! Woo, my first real performance hopefully won't be shit! TwT; <3
[[ ♡ katie :: クルテル?! ♡ ]]
22 August 2011 @ 03:19 am

...Okay, I'm now reminded of why I don't post to LJ ever.

I just typed up this major update (about this layout, me being sick and throwing up, going to work, watching Ikemen Desu Ne and consecutively You're Beautiful and becoming obsessed with it and also Jang Geun-suk and then becoming really depressed because the drama's over, etc. etc. etc.), and then somehow something I did caused the page to reload and delete everything I'd typed.

YEAH OKAY.  Screw this. ;___;

I'm gonna go listen to Jang Geun-suk be super-dramatic and beautiful on every song he has ever sung ever I love him WHY DO I LOVE HIM HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE A GIRL except he doesn't when his hair is short OKAY I'm going to go watch the first episode of Beethoven Virus now JANG GEUN-SUK the end.

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[[ ♡ katie :: クルテル?! ♡ ]]
17 August 2011 @ 12:28 am

I am so bad at updating this journal, Jesus lord.

But yeah.
I went to Japan for 3 weeks.

Looooong, long description of almost everything I did, with few-ish details, but still way too long!Collapse )

It was an absolutely amazing trip, and I'm so glad I worked for so long to save up for it and to actually do it, despite the many setbacks and dangers of this. I think a lot more will come out of this than already has, too, if I'm lucky, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to my next visit already. :) Until then, though, I'm so happy to be home, with my family and my dog and cat and my friends (well, while they're still here, before they go to college ;__;. Which is a matter of days for almost all of them) and my bed and my reliable-ish internet (which, hey, contrarily, is off as I am typing this, haha, yaaaaay, JK about that then) and my refrigerator and my American and other-cultures food and my substantial-amount-of-not-fish food to eat and air-conditioning. But mostly, my loved ones, who I missed a lot while I was away.

Also, it's nice that there are no earthquakes in Ohio.


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[[ ♡ katie :: クルテル?! ♡ ]]
11 May 2011 @ 12:52 pm

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