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So, hi you guys. 8DD;;

I doubt anyone will read this, but yeah, I'm posting anyway, haha.

I don't remember the last time I posted, but I think it was last spring?...

Anyway, it's 2013 now, and...I'm living in Japan. *__*;;

I'm studying abroad at Hokkaido University in Sapporo for one year. I came in September and I'll be here until mid-August. It's...really cold, and there is a lot of snow. (LOL.) But it's also a really, really nice city, and the food is great (my favorite Hokkaido specialty is soup curry! It's soooooo good, salghsdlfghsdfgafghdlkfg), and since there are much fewer English-speakers up here compared to Tokyo or the like, it's really good for practicing my Japanese.

So far I've done a lot: visited a lot of beautiful places (like Otaru, Noboribetsu, Jozankei, Lake Toya...), studied (...sorta), ate lots of soup curry and ramen and katsukare, performed a few times around campus, gone to karaoke (so much I can't count), nomihoudai (lol), had a video appear on Nodojiman The! World (a Japanese TV show where foreigners compete singing Japanese music. Here's my clip: also went to Arashi's Popcorn concert (twice) and Kouhaku (in Tokyo, live). Those last two things are pretty much the most significant things that have ever happened in my life (at least, that's how I feel at the moment, haha). OH AND ALSO I went to a Sexy Zone concert (OMG LOL♥).

Maybe I will go more into detail later on those important things...maybe not. I plan on vlogging about them soon enough, though, so if you're interested check out my vlogging YouTube account:
Arashi (happy)


Yikes, haven't posted in forever. Not that I normally do, anyway, but yeah.

It's been one helluva hectic year, let me tell you. Gahdflkjhdlkjfg.

I'm finally getting over a cold I've had for 3 weeks, thank god. O: Now I can sing again, just in time for the Japanese Spring Festival! Woo, my first real performance hopefully won't be shit! TwT; <3
Michishige Sayumi (surprise!)

Stupid LJ is a stupid buttfacehead.

...Okay, I'm now reminded of why I don't post to LJ ever.

I just typed up this major update (about this layout, me being sick and throwing up, going to work, watching Ikemen Desu Ne and consecutively You're Beautiful and becoming obsessed with it and also Jang Geun-suk and then becoming really depressed because the drama's over, etc. etc. etc.), and then somehow something I did caused the page to reload and delete everything I'd typed.

YEAH OKAY.  Screw this. ;___;

I'm gonna go listen to Jang Geun-suk be super-dramatic and beautiful on every song he has ever sung ever I love him WHY DO I LOVE HIM HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE A GIRL except he doesn't when his hair is short OKAY I'm going to go watch the first episode of Beethoven Virus now JANG GEUN-SUK the end.

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...I'm so bad at updating this thing. SO BAD.


I am so bad at updating this journal, Jesus lord.

But yeah.
I went to Japan for 3 weeks.

Collapse )

It was an absolutely amazing trip, and I'm so glad I worked for so long to save up for it and to actually do it, despite the many setbacks and dangers of this. I think a lot more will come out of this than already has, too, if I'm lucky, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to my next visit already. :) Until then, though, I'm so happy to be home, with my family and my dog and cat and my friends (well, while they're still here, before they go to college ;__;. Which is a matter of days for almost all of them) and my bed and my reliable-ish internet (which, hey, contrarily, is off as I am typing this, haha, yaaaaay, JK about that then) and my refrigerator and my American and other-cultures food and my substantial-amount-of-not-fish food to eat and air-conditioning. But mostly, my loved ones, who I missed a lot while I was away.

Also, it's nice that there are no earthquakes in Ohio.


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Michishige Sayumi (surprise!)

It's so awesome. <33`

Hey, guys~!

I just wrote my first ever Hanadan fanfiction. 8DDDDDD;~!!

What's the ship here?

That would be RxK.


Yes, you're right, that means Rui x Katie. 8'DDDDDDDDDDD; <33333`




The story begins on the day at the very end of Hana Yori Dango Final, when Rui calls Shizuka to tell her he's over her, and looks at that picture on the day of the wedding with F4 and Tsukushi, before walking out of his room.   It goes as far back as a couple of months before all the events in Hana Yori Dango Final start.


Collapse )


...What did you think? 8'DD;;

Long, right?

Self-gratifying, right?

Weird, right?

...Great, because that's exactly what I was going for!


Hahahahahaha. X'DDDDDDDDDDDDD;;;

I really needed to get this out of my system, hahaha~.  It was really fun.  I've never actually written fanfiction before—at least, not with as much dedication as I did this. TwT; <3`

Please don't kill me, guys.  LOL.
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I just noticed...

I just posted, saying "I didn't have much to say, but felt guilty for not posting in so long, and felt like I should."

And I set my mood to "tired."


Then I looked down at my last post, and read it.


It started the exact same way.

"I haven't posted in so long.  I feel guilty!  I don't know what to say, but I need to post something."

And, of course, mood: "tired."

I am such a boring person.
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Hmm~.  I haven't posted in forever, have I?



Anywhoo, I really... do not have anything interesting to say.

I just realized that I hadn't posted since, like... forever ago, and felt really guilty.

God, my layout is pretty.  (Badly edited and graphics-ized.  But pretty.)




Here's something! O:

I am now a Cruel Angel~! <33`

(Well, "now" meaning... for the past five months. 8'DDDDD;; Hahaha. <3'  But, still, that status will remain for another... 2 years and 9 months, at least. *w*;;;~)

If you haven't heard of the Cruel Angels Project (which, okay, I totally would not understand, seeing as we are the most popular, famous, well-known-and-loved group of hopefuls ever), here's a basic run-down of the thing.

After Beckii Cruel debuted in Japan last summer, her producers decided to form a new group with her in the leading spot—the Cruel Angels.  They proceeded to search for and scout girls they found... I don't know, interesting and talented, I suppose... online (mainly through YouTube [that's where they found me]), and these girls who have decided to join are called the Cruel Girls.  (One is not a Cruel Angel until she debuts as such.  So far, the only Angels are Beckii [of course; though I suppose she's more than an "Angel"], Sarah, and Gemma, who together recorded their single Tsubasa wo Kudasai, which was released in February of this year.)  All together, we are the Cruel Angels Project, and we all work hard keeping our YouTube pages active, as well as recording singing and dancing videos for the CAP main YouTube channel (cruelangelsproject), all while hoping and dreaming that some day we will be asked to debut! <333`

There's that. 8DDDD;;

Most of the girls in the group are dancers, and many are very impressive.

(In fact, I am often highly intimidated. X'DDDD;;  I'm not at all confident where dancing is concerned, and I have problems learning dances on my own, without an instructor...  But I think I was recruited more as a singer than a dancer [since pretty much... oh, 158 or so, out of the 163 videos I have on my channel are of me doing exactly that—singing], so I will just... try my best at absolutely everything! [Hahaha. TTwTT; <33`])

This is probably boring, and I bet no one is reading this... (Haha.)


My dream really is to become a singer in Japan, and I am determined to achieve it.

If I really believe and keep trying my very hardest, I think I can accomplish it someday.

(Watching Buzzer Beat, which I just finished about an hour ago, made me feel extra encouraged to keep fighting for this. [Hahaha.]  Yay, Yamapi and dreams~! 8'DDDD; <333`)

No matter what happens, I am going to keep trying for my dream.

I can do it.

I know I can.

...I just need to work a little harder, and longer, I think.

(Okay, maybe a lot. TTwTT;;)


If you've read this far, and are sort of kind of interested in the Project, please check out the official YT channel here:

I have two videos on that channel at this point:  Tsuki no Kakera (featuring... me singing it, live [LOL]) and Aoi Umi (not live; pre-recorded vocals, with a... crappy, homemade music style kind of feel [...haha. T~T;], but me singing, nonetheless).

Please check them out, as well as the videos the other girls have recorded! <333`

Annnnnnd, my account is right here:
The sparkly, colorful goodness that it is.

Theeeeeeeeere... we are~! 8'DD;

I finally posted, hooray~! O:

-looks up-
Hi, Pretty Sho. ;w; <3333333333`
Michishige Sayumi (surprise!)


Soooooooo. 8DDDD;
I definitely don't really have anything to talk about here.
I just felt really guilty for never posting, and decided I needed to post.


I'm really, really, REALLY into Aiba Masaki's new drama, My Girl.  It's really, really, REALLY amazing and wonderful and perfect and also asdfghadlkfghadkfghadklfghalkdfjghalkdjfg. ♥♥♥♥♥
So, there's THAT.


And THANK YOU, ARASHI, for ALWAYS putting so much work into everything you do and giving us all (...andespeciallyme. -shot-) something and someone(...s) to care about, and, inevitably, something to get us through the day when it's the toughest.
I don't know what I'd do without you.

Tomorrow, it's RAINBOW CLOTHES. :] ♥

Michishige Sayumi (surprise!)

My answer to STORMY_TEAM's question. ;w; Which is really, really long, actually.

2: Q: What is your most memorable experience/memory of Arashi? A:
Hmm, this is a really, really difficult question. I have so many amazing memories and experiences concerning Arashi that it's hard to name just one. In fact, I think I will proceed to name more than one, just for sanity's sake. I guess my first really memorable memory with Arashi would be when I first watched Nino's performance of Niji in 2007's Time concert. I am a piano player myself, and I sort of have a thing for pretty guys playing the piano (well), so that, added to the fact that that song in particular is amazing and beautiful and just very indescribably perfect and Nino-ish and wonderful, kind of had me shaking and in tears for at least a half hour afterwards. That was probably the one moment I really noticed that Arashi was more than just a boyband — that they had actual talent, and that they really put their heart and soul into what they do, more so than almost any other pop act I've seen. It really, really touched me, and that's when I knew I was hooked.

One other really amazing Arashi-related experience was when me and my friends went with a school group on a tour of France and Italy, and in every new city/country we set foot in (or rode a train or bus through, actually), me and my best friend, Grace, sang A•RA•SHI. We have made it a point to sing it everywhere we go, and now it has been sung in the streets of Paris, the alleyways of Florence, the Parthenon and Colosseum of Rome, under the Swiss Alps, in the hills of Tuscany, and, of course, over the Atlantic ocean (twice). It was really, really fun being able to sing that everywhere we went, and knowing that we were doing something we would remember for a long time. For this reason, this song has become very important to me.

Another memorable Arashi experience of mine was watching Sho's performance of Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, back in their first concert. That song has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember, and Sho has been my ultimate favorite (to a really crazy extent that I'm not even going to try to go into here, because I know everyone would think I am just a crazy fangirl. Which I totally am. But I swear to god, I am convinced in every way that we are soulmates. And there is little I can imagine that will deter me from thinking this) since around April of this year (I got into Arashi in March). Although the performance was... to tell the truth, really weird and wannabe-punk and not at all even relatively comparable to performances of the same song by greats such as Frankie Valli and Frank Sinatra, it left me stunned. Stunned, crying, and clutching onto a nearby lumpy pillow which has since become my Sho!pillow that I cling to every night when I go to sleep. (...Seriously, I am not really insane.) It is one of the most adorable performances (if not the most adorable performance) of anything I have ever seen (ever), and I suppose that is what finally did me in. Because there is no way I am ever going to heal from that.

Finally (I am concluding this here, because I could seriously go on and on for at least another 10,000 words — hahaha, get it? 10,000 Word Interview? Haha? Ha?... No, I know, that wasn't even a joke. I am sincerely sorry for that. But actually, I'm kind of not, because I found it a little teeny bit funny.), my most recent and — I guess one could say my most powerful Arashi memory would be when I recently stumbled upon a collection of most of Sho's solo songs that have been recorded in some form or another, and... I discovered that he recorded a cover of Where Is The Love? (another one of my favorite songs of all time), which was... um, kind of amazing and... too wonderful for words, and also way too short, what the heck, and also that he wrote lyrics to Pachelbel's Kanon in D major (probably my ultimate favorite song ever), and... that sort of completely killed me. And I have listened to that song 126 times in the past week (which has surpassed my record for plays-on-repeat, previously held by Morning Musume.'s Nanchatte Renai at 98 in a week, and before that, Nakashima Mika's GLAMOROUS SKY with 75 in a week. ... Yes, I remember these things, what?...), and I have cried every single time, because it is so gorgeous and amazing and it's Sho's voice and he wrote it for one of his best friends' weddings, and that itself is really freaking amazing and beautiful and I really want him to write me a song, and this song is just amazing and also just wonderful and perfect and... yeah.

So, um. In conclusion.
All of that stuff.
Those are just a few my most treasured, memorable Arashi experiences and memories. Please believe me, though, when I say that there are many, many more where those came from, and I plan on making more happy memories every single day.

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